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EDUCAST’s vision is to use cutting-edge technology for the purpose of making a difference in the life of a common person through using innovative technologies in areas of Healthcare, Education, Skill Development, Sanitation, Nutrition & Food Security.

Established in 2022, Elder Care is a new place in Pakistan created to help old people. Our goal is to provide good senior care services so that older people can enjoy their golden years. We believe in treating every senior citizen with respect, dignity, and care.


At Elder Care, we focus on healthy living and kind care for elders. We offer different services like homecare for elderlies and a comfy senior home. This way, we improve the standard of aged care and elderly care in our community. Our aim is not just to meet basic needs but to make the lives of our seniors happy and engaging.

We work hard to provide a welcoming place where seniors feel valued and supported. We offer tailored services to meet the unique needs of every individual. At Elder Care, we combine professional healthcare, warm friendship, and a joyful community to provide a complete aged care and senior home experience, making the golden years easy, joyful, and dignified.             

Our Mission

At Elders Club, we understand that seniors need a safe and comfortable place. Our goal is to offer loving elderly care with modern comforts. We are here to support seniors in Pakistan and their families. Through our senior care services, we aim to make life better for the elderly.

Our Vision

Nowadays, some people forget to value our older citizens, making them feel left out. At Elders Club, we want to change this. We aim to create a place where senior care is top-notch and every elder feels respected. We offer homecare for elderlies, allowing them to live happily on their own with the right support. Our dream is to have welcoming senior homes where life is about enjoying every day with the right care for elders.

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Our Services

Clinic at Door Step

Our Clinic at Doorstep service brings medical care to the homes of our elders. It's easy, convenient, and ensures that seniors get the health support they need without having to travel.

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Recreational Activity

Our Recreational Activity service focuses on enhancing mobility and mental well-being for seniors through engaging and empowering activities.

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Our Counselling service includes weekly calls from eDoctors to elders for dedicated care and guidance, ensuring their well-being and providing continuous support.

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Medical Record

Our Medical Record service maintains detailed health records of seniors and provides timely medicine reminders to support their ongoing health management.

Medical Record Image

Mental Health Seminars

Our Mental Health Seminars offer online sessions conducted by our doctors, focusing on educating and supporting the mental well-being of seniors.

Mental Health Seminars Image

Diet Plan

Our Diet Plan service offers personalized nutritionist-crafted diet plans for seniors, delivered and managed comfortably at home.

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Our premium Escorting Elders service provides personalized assistance for seniors during physical activities, ensuring their safety and enabling active participation with expert support.

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Discounted Laboratory Test

Our Discounted Laboratory Test service offers substantial savings on essential lab tests, making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible for seniors.

Discounted Laboratory Test Image

Nursing Facility Service

Our Nursing Facility service brings professional nursing care right to your doorstep, ensuring comfort and expert health management in the familiar environment of your home.

Nursing Facility Service Image

Food & Grocery Service

Our Food and Grocery Delivery Service offers convenient and reliable delivery of fresh food and groceries, tailored to meet the dietary needs and preferences of our senior members.

Food & Grocery Service Image

Cupping Service

Our Cupping Service provides therapeutic cupping treatments to our seniors, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness right at their doorstep.

Cupping Service Image

Cab Service

Our Cab Service offers reliable and comfortable transportation solutions for our seniors, ensuring safe and convenient travel to any destination.

Cab Service Image

Events & Activities

Post Independence Day Celebration

Post Independence Day Celebration

24 September Event

24 September Event

Health Asia 2023

Health Asia 2023

Pharm Asia 2023

Pharm Asia 2023

Press Club Event 2023

Press Club Event 2023

Health & Fitness Camp 2023

Health & Fitness Camp 2023

Health & Fitness Conference 2023

Health & Fitness Conference 2023

Health & Fitness Expo 2023

Health & Fitness Expo 2023

NED University Seminar on Eldercare

NED University Seminar on Eldercare

Dow University Seminar on Eldercare Pakistan

Dow University Seminar on Eldercare Pakistan

DHA Suffa Seminar on Eldercare Pakistan

DHA Suffa Seminar on Eldercare Pakistan

Dow Marketing Gala

Dow Marketing Gala


Empowering Age: Project of Elder care by Two Passionate Siblings

Elder Care; Register Yourself For Free

Educast at Health Asia 2023 | Launch of Elder Care and Dr. Robot


Let's see what our Fit Seniors are saying..

Jamsheed Akther

Fit Senior

Elder Care's approach goes beyond just healthcare—it's about quality of life. I've made friends, explored new hobbies, and received exceptional medical care. It's never too late to experience joy, and I'm grateful to Elder Care for making that possible.

Kishwer Jahan

Fit Senior

Being a resident at Elder Care has been a wonderful experience. I've found a community that understands my needs and encourages me to stay active. They've brought back a sense of purpose to my life, and I couldn't be happier with my decision

Muhammad Saeed

Fit Senior

Joining Elder Care has brought back the joy of learning. From art classes to technology workshops, I'm constantly expanding my horizons. It's incredible how much one can continue to grow, no matter their age.

Farooq Ahmed

Fit Senior

Elder Care's commitment to health is evident in every detail. The nutritious meals, exercise routines, and regular health check-ups have made a positive impact on my well-being. I'm experiencing a higher quality of life here.

Akther Bano

Fit Senior

Moving to Elder Care was a big step for me, but it's been a positive one. I appreciate the individual attention and the effort they put into understanding my preferences. The caregivers have made this transition smoother than I ever imagined

Izhar Ahsan

Fit Senior

Elder Care understands that each of us has a unique story. They've created an environment where my story is honored and celebrated. The support they provide has helped me navigate challenges with grace and confidence.

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Brand Ambassador

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Mr. Liaqat Jawaid

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